Comparison between Muscle Energy Technique and Pnf Stretching with Conventional Physiotherapy on Hamstring Flexibility in Chronic Nonspecific Low Back Pain


  • Sumit Asthana Associate Professor & Head, Assistant Dean, E.I.A.H.Sc. & R, Era University, Lucknow
  • Arif Rizvi Assistant Professor, E.I.A.H.Sc. & R, Era University, Lucknow


Objective: The effect of muscle energy technique and PNF stretching in comparison of conventional physiotherapy on hamstring flexibility.

Background: Hamstring tightness or decrease flexibility is a predisposing cause for hamstring strain, lumber spine disorders and low back pain. This study aimed to evaluate the effects of Muscle energy technique (MET) and PNF stretching in improving pain intensity (PI) hamstring flexibility (HF) in chronic nonspecific low back pain (CNSLBP).

Study design: Randomized Clinical Trial

Methods: SUBJECTS; 30 subject’s male and female in age group of 20-40 years with hamstring tightness in chronic nonspecific low back pain were recruited for study. The pre-post outcome measures included range of motion (ROM) of active knee extension test as measured using Goniometer, and Pain intensity measurement using Numerical pain rating scale (NPRS). The treatments were given for five consecutive days a week for total of four weeks.

Results: Results showed that there is significant improvement by MET and PNF stretching in comparison of conventional group static stretching used in hamstring flexibility in significantly  decrease pain in low back and increase active knee extension range of motion in hamstring flexibility in three groups.

Conclusion: The result of this study indicates that muscle energy technique , PNF stretching and static stretching produce a significant improvement in hamstring flexibility. Therefore it is concluded the MET, PNF and static stretching can be use as an effective therapeutic maneuver for decrease pain, improving ROM and increase flexibility of tight hamstring in chronic low back patient.

Key words: Chronic nonspecific low back pain, Muscle energy technique, PNF stretching and Static stretching, Hamstring flexibility, Active knee extension ROM, RCT– Randomized clinical trial.